Pu Youtian accepts supervision and trial for refusing to perform compensation


Pu Youtian accepts supervision and trial for refusing to perform compensation
Sauna Night News Park Youtian was sued by four women in 2016 for alleged sexual violence in entertainment venues and toilets in her home in Gangnam District, Seoul.Although it was eventually acquitted, the problem has not been completely resolved.On the afternoon of April 22, local time, Park Youtian appeared in the Gyeonggi-do Government Local Court to accept a supervisory trial.Park Youtian and his team wearing hats and masks did not appear before the trial time began. He did not respond to reporters’ questions.Park Youtian appeared in court.Figure / Vision China Supervision Trial refers to the absence of proper reasons for not attending the property express or refusing to submit the property catalogue. Depending on the trial results, the debtor may be sentenced to short-term detention.In 2016, Park Youtian was sued by four women for alleged sexual violence.After being found not guilty, Park Youtian sued A, who advocated sexual violence, in the name of false accusation.But in the end, Amou was also acquitted, and he filed a lawsuit against Park Youtian in December 2018.The court sentenced Park Youtian to pay A 50 million won in compensation.However, Park Youtian did not pay compensation to A.Subsequently, in December last year, A made an express application for property to Park Youtian, but Park Youtian still did not respond, and finally the court decided to monitor and try it.Earlier, Park Youtian was prosecuted for alleged drug abuse and was eventually sentenced to 10 months of probation and 2 years of probation.He was previously announced to withdraw from the entertainment industry. After his release, he opened social media, published photo albums, and opened fan official clubs. Not long ago, because the fan club membership fees were several times higher than other artist fan clubs, South Korean netizens questioned that he relied on fans for profit.>>> Park Youtian, who once claimed to withdraw from the entertainment industry, opened the fan’s official website, sauna night net editor after launching the photo album, Wu Dongni proofreading Lu Qian

Guoan Shengshenhua temporarily tops the list, and the prospect for the championship depends on Evergrande VS Shanghai


Guoan Shengshenhua temporarily tops the list, and the prospect for the championship depends on Evergrande VS Shanghai
Guoan scored 3 points in Shanghai and temporarily topped the standings.Picture / Visual China Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) After a lapse of nearly a month, the Chinese Super League reopened tonight.In the away game against Shanghai Shenhua, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan beat their opponents 2 to 1 and temporarily topped the standings.Confrontation Hongkou Bakambu pass Jian Gong at the Hongkou Stadium, the two teams facing each other are neither the strongest national security nor the best Shenhua-Li Lei, the absence of Yu Dabao and Chi Zhongguo, Genesio can only sendJin Taiyan, Yu Yang and Park Cheng; Jin Xinyu’s injury also made Cui Kangxi face up.”Short period curse” is Kaner who can’t hide from Guoan in recent seasons, but in the “Beijing-Shanghai War”, facing the old opponent Shenhua, Genesio’s team has recovered its rhythm.The match was rusty and the downturn was repeated many times.Only 5 minutes into the opening, Augusto and Bakanbu’s shot made Shenhua goalkeeper Li Shuai complete two rescues. In the 6th minute, Bakanbu received Park Cheng’s corner kick and broke the goal to help Guoan take the lead.Moreno’s penalty in the 59th minute came from Li Ke’s handball foul in the penalty area, but the fans of the home team of Hongkou Stadium failed to celebrate for too long. Bakanbu sent Augusto’s assist in the 62nd minute.Guo’s push made Guoan lead again.In the end, the Guoan team took 3 points 2-1.The highest contention for the championship is that after the game of “Tenwang Mountain” scored 3 points away tomorrow, Beijing Guoan temporarily jumped from the third place to the top of the standings. The Yulin Army fired the first shot for his final three rounds of championship sprint.But the game that really decides this season’s championship move will take place tomorrow night-Guangzhou Evergrande will face Shanghai Shanggang at home.In the current standings, Guoan Ji, which has played a game for the first time, ranked first with 64 points. Guangzhou Evergrande ranked second with 63 points, followed by Shanghai Shanghai with 62 points.Due to the avoidance clause, Exxon will suspend the fight-free card in this game, although at today’s pre-match press conference, Cannavaro and Pereira both said that they are not under pressure, but internally, they won the gameThe party will get the initiative to compete.If the two sides tie, Evergrande will share the same score with Guoan, but will continue to be at the top of the list due to the more goal difference between each other.

Ding Junhui’s latest match news: 2019 Masters Ding Junhui advanced to the second round_1


Ding Junhui’s latest competition news: 2019 Masters Ding Junhui advanced to the second round
Since the Masters moved to the Alexander Palace in 2012, Ding Junhui has been shrouded in curses. In the past seven games, he has only won a poor game.In the 2019 Masters, Ding Junhui signed a good draw and won Lisovsky who played the Masters for the first time. Eventually, he won the 6-1 victory and finally avoided another round of travel.  As one of the three major snooker competitions, the Masters had been at Wembley Antiques from 1979 to 2011. At that time, Ding Junhui had a good record in this game. He reached the final in 2007 and won the runner-up. He won the championship in 2011.Unexpectedly, since the Masters moved to the Alexander Palace in 2012, although the venue is still Wembley, Ding Junhui seems to have lost the rhythm of winning. From 2012 to 2018, a total of seven Masters, only in 2017After winning one game every year, he was eliminated, and the remaining six games were eliminated in the first round.  This year’s Masters, Ding Junhui encountered Lisovsky who was ranked in the world’s top 16 for the first time and qualified for the Masters. The opponent as a rookie in the Masters seemed not very suitable for such a competition, but he also had many opportunities but did not catch it.Ding Junhui achieved a 5-0 lead in one fell swoop, scoring 66 points and 123 points in a single shot. After missing a match point, he finally won 6-1.  Jack (Lisovsky) is more stressed than me in the game, so he made a lot of mistakes. When you play this kind of competition for the first time, you will definitely want to express yourself very much. The first game is really very important, chanceOften, but you have to grasp it, but he is still too nervous, and sometimes he will be punished.As a coming person, Ding Junhui knew Lisovsky’s mentality.  For me, no matter how I play in the game, my goal is to win, and I believe that I have the ability to perform well in this game in the next few seasons.This is a good beginning.Ding Junhui’s past record in the Alexander Palace was unbearable, but this game against Lisovsky seemed to restore his confidence.  For the Masters, Ding Junhui is also respectful. The Masters is a competition among the top 16 players in the world. The opponents are very good. There is no easy game here. Even if your opponents are not playing well, it is still very difficult to deal with.Maintaining concentration in this competition is the first element.  In the quarter-finals, Ding Junhui’s opponent is Brecher of Belgium, and he is expected to reach the semifinals. Original title: Not easy!Ding Junhui won the second win in the eighth Masters: This is a good start



­  WTA年终总决赛倒计时150天 ­  今年WTA新加坡年终总决赛(BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global)正式进入150天倒计时,在目前的“保时捷迈向新加坡”冠军积分榜上,新老势力呈现交叠趋势,有望首次亮相总决赛舞台的新生力量和巡回赛的中流砥柱正在进行一场激动人心的对峙。­  斯维托丽娜本赛季取得重大突破,已然从“发挥最稳定的球员之一”蜕变成为今年胜场数最多的领跑者。22岁的乌克兰小将把进军年终总决赛设立为目标之一,在上周罗马站问鼎之后,她不仅在赛季冠军数量上排在首位,也在PRTS积分榜上冲到了第一。­  罗马站是斯维托丽娜职业生涯迄今获得的最高级别红土冠军。她在晋级路上先后淘汰卡·普利斯科娃和哈勒普,今年对阵世界前五球员已经收获了五场胜利。今年没有任何球员的发挥能像这位新晋世界第六一样出色,乌克兰姑娘以赛季31胜领跑,除了罗马之外还斩获了迪拜、台北和伊斯坦布尔站冠军,极具威胁。­  事实上,今年能在稳定性上和斯维托丽娜媲美的唯一一位球员是穆拉德诺维奇,法国姑娘目前在PRTS积分榜上位列第七。她在圣彼得堡站夺冠之后信心大涨,接连在大赛中证明自己,逐渐成为了赛季热门人物。­  在那之后,穆拉德诺维奇先后打入了三站决赛,包括背靠背的斯图加特站和马德里站,两次都是三盘憾负对手与冠军擦肩而过。她的全场型打法融入了法兰西民族特有的激情,穆拉德诺维奇的崛起为巡回赛注入了令人兴奋的新鲜血液。法国姑娘正在朝着精英行列大步跨进。­  目前的PRTS积分榜前五位只有卡·普利斯科娃和哈勒普入围了去年的总决赛。捷克大炮凭借年初硬地赛季的出色战绩排在第二位。她先后在布里斯班站和多哈站折桂,澳网、印第安维尔斯站和迈阿密站三项大赛都有稳定的表现。­  对比之下,哈勒普过去几周在PRTS积分榜上的飙升得益于她钟爱的红土。罗马尼亚人已经摆脱了年初的膝伤阴影,在红土赛季发光发热。她在成功卫冕了马德里冠军之后又在罗马打入了决赛。总体而言,哈勒普以12胜领跑今年的红土胜场数,其中包括马德里-罗马的一波十连胜。她有望连续第四年获得年终入场券,过去她在总决赛的最好战绩是14年亚军。­  紧随普利斯科娃之后排在第三位的是迈阿密站冠军孔塔,后者有望成为1980年韦德之后首位入围总决赛的英国球员。去年,孔塔在充满戏剧性的最后一刻被库兹涅佐娃挤出了前八,和个人新加坡首秀擦肩而过。­  英国一姐在过去两年当中飞速蹿升,排名从2015年夏天的百大开外已经突破世界前十,逐渐成为了女子网坛的中坚力量。今年她也是巡回赛中发挥最为稳定的球员之一,在迈阿密站先后淘汰大威廉姆斯和沃兹尼亚奇,斩获职业生涯迄今最高级别冠军。­  说起大威廉姆斯和沃兹尼亚奇,两位前世界第一都有望在今年重返年终总决赛。美国人本赛季的表现尤为励志:年初澳网,已经36岁的老将自2009年温网之后首次打入大满贯决赛。大威廉姆斯目前在PRTS积分榜上排在第六位。大威廉姆斯上一次入围总决赛还要追溯到2009年,当时她打进决赛后输给了妹妹小威廉姆斯。­  丹麦人延续了2016后半赛季的复苏势头,今年硬地赛季在多哈、迪拜和迈阿密收获三个亚军,目前在PRTS积分榜上高居第四。今年夏季巡回赛重新转回硬地之后,沃兹尼亚奇势必会继续扮演危险角色。­  随着莎拉波娃、阿扎伦卡和科维托娃相继复出,今年红土和草地赛季可谓看点十足,PRTS积分榜的争夺也将进入白热化阶段。通向新加坡的道路要经历千回百折,2017年终总决赛名额的争夺势必更加激烈!

160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖 倡议环境保护


160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖 倡议环境保护
­  8月19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。图为健步行出发。 罗云鹏 摄­  中新网青海湖8月19日电 (记者 罗云鹏)19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。­  8月19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。图为尖叫趾压板环节。 罗云鹏 摄­  参加当日活动徒步爱好者中,年纪最大的78岁,最小的仅有3岁。­  8月19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。图为年纪最小的健步参与者通过尖叫趾压板。 罗云鹏 摄­  活动除徒步捡拾垃圾外,还穿插有“爱的抱抱”、尖叫趾压板以及大力喝酸奶等环节。(完)­  8月19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。图为健步行走再青海湖二郎剑景区的徒步爱好者。 罗云鹏 摄­  8月19日,160余徒步爱好者健步青海湖,以行走的方式倡议环境保护。图为在本次健步行走中获得奖牌的大龄徒步爱好者。 罗云鹏 摄

丁宁任国乒女队队长 将接过李晓霞旗帜成新核?_1


丁宁任国乒女队队长 将接过李晓霞旗帜成新核?
­  北京时间2月17日,据央视乒乓球专项记者李武军透露,丁宁已经正式被宣布为中国女乒的新任队长。随着李晓霞的退役,中国女乒客观上需要一位新的核心,唯一的一名现役大满贯球员丁宁显然是目前最好的人选。但丁宁面对的压力和挑战也是巨大的,今年的杜塞尔多夫单项世乒赛、明年的哈尔姆斯塔德团体世乒赛,对丁宁来说都是非常大的考验。­  国乒核心 需要遇大赛必稳­  从王楠、张怡宁时代结束后,中国女乒在寻找新任领军人物的过程中经历了一些波折,最终顺利找到了堪当大任的李晓霞。而李晓霞也不负众望,接连带队顺利度过了伦敦和里约两个奥运周期。­  2010年上半年的莫斯科世乒赛惨败,是中国女队近几十年来罕见的“滑铁卢”。当时中国女队的核心就是郭焱,但那场中国队与新加坡队的女团决赛,只有郭焱表现正常,丁宁和刘诗雯均是连续丢分,最终导致了惨败的发生。­  李晓霞是2010年年底的广州亚运会前,被国乒教练组定为核心的重点培养对象,当时李晓霞以极为出色的表现通过了初步考核。随后国乒参加的多次世界大赛团体赛,李晓霞均在队中扮演了重要的角色,到去年年初的吉隆坡世乒赛,国乒在这个期间就没再输过球。而伦敦奥运会国乒女线包揽团体、单打两块金牌,里约奥运会国乒女线再次包揽团体、单打两块金牌,李晓霞在其中都起到了顶梁柱的作用。­  丁宁上任 挑战与机遇并存­  随着李晓霞的退役,国乒核心主力层面临更新换代。丁宁能否做好队长一职,还需要时间的检验。目前来看刘诗雯是个变数,她如果能在遭遇禁赛后重新崛起,不仅是为自己争取东京奥运会参赛机会,同时对丁宁来说,也是帮助丁宁扮演好新时期女队核心的重要保障。刘诗雯从她个人的角度说,是很想再打一届奥运会的,因此相信她会继续努力。­  朱雨玲是目前中国女队的骨干,但她还没有获得过三大赛的单打冠军,朱雨玲要想迅速成长为最顶级的球员,还需要加快自己成长的速度。而陈梦在目前这个阶段也迎来了不小的机遇,毕竟李晓霞退役后,上面的绝对主力位置就空出来了一个。王曼昱、陈幸同、顾玉婷等小将,也需要在未来两年里尽快成长。­  中国女队要平稳度过领军人物的过渡期,目前来看最需要的还是丁宁在未来两三年内在大赛中能起到关键时刻稳定军心的核心作用。(Red)

JUST Plant and Egg Company reached cooperation with Bimburg, etc. to lay out the global market


JUST Plant and Egg Company reached cooperation with Bimburg, etc. to lay out the global market
Sauna, Yewang learned from JUST Jade Foods and Eggs on March 20th that the company has now reached a partnership agreement with many related industry companies such as Sanli Foods of Korea, Bimberg Group, and will gradually be in the Americas, Europe and East Asia.Production and sale of plant eggs.Since its launch in December 2017, JUST has sold plant egg products equivalent to 30 million eggs.JUST is a food technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Founded in 2011, the current main product is “vegetable egg”, which is a “liquid egg” developed by extracting protein from mung beans.In May 2019, “Plant Eggs” has landed on the Chinese mainland market.On March 20th, JUST announced that it has reached a partnership agreement with long-term related industry companies.According to the relevant person in charge of JUST, the partners include South Korea Sanli Foods, Thailand ‘s Fengnian Group, Bimberg Group, stored fat producer Alianza Team, delivery platform Delivery Hero, etc., to produce and sell plant eggs.”, JUST announced that it has obtained new financing, but did not disclose the specific amount.”We believe that the main growth market for JUST plant eggs should be in the Chinese market.The person in charge of JUST said that the company is currently working with potential potential partners in China.JUST founder Josh Tetrick accepted the sauna. In an interview with Yewang, he hoped that the domestic partners ‘factories and channels could cover 80% of the country and have alternative cold chain logistics distribution.JUST will imitate Coca-Cola’s business cooperation model, processed by partners into egg liquid and develop ice cream, bread, paste and other related products.Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Baoqing

Jeremy Lin hopes that the shot can be better, send the little fan shoes barefoot back to the locker room


Jeremy Lin hopes that the shot can be better, send the little fan shoes barefoot back to the locker room
Jeremy Lin had blood on his legs.Beijing Shougang defeated the Tianjin team 103 to 81 away tonight, winning the CBA new season.Jeremy Lin broke out in the second half and got 25 + 9 + 6.After the game, he admitted that the understanding with the team needs to be further improved, hoping that his shooting can be better.Regarding the first regular season of the new season, Jeremy Lin said that he was very happy to play in a healthy state, and he is working hard to adapt to the CBA and work with the team.”Like the coach said, we didn’t play well in the first half, the defense was bad, the team’s passing tacit understanding was not good, but we found the right way and put more pressure on our opponents in the second half, both defense and offense.Made adjustments.This will give the coach a lot of praise and bring us a good game.”Jeremy Lin made a difficult layup.”Bleeding the left leg knee?”Jeremy Lin really fights, he needs to dress up.”In this CBA Tianjin-Beijing Derby live broadcast tonight, the narrator pinched Khan for Jeremy Lin.From the close-up shot of a pause in Section 2, it can be seen that Jeremy Lin’s legs are suspected of having red blood stains.However, this did not affect his continued fight on the court.Jeremy Lin admitted that the team did not quickly adapt to the opponent’s play in the first half. Facing the Tianjin team’s wheel-style defense, he was also working hard to adjust.”We did not bow our heads in front of pressure, but tried our best to understand their play style.Fang Shuo led the team in the first half. If it wasn’t for him to play so well, I don’t know if we would have such an ending.Although I am a point guard, we did not help the team well in the first half.”Jeremy Lin took off his shoes and sent his little fans shoes.Although he scored the highest score in the game, Jeremy Lin was very low-key after the game, saying that the team ‘s winning was the most important, and that domestic players and foreign aid Hamilton played an important role on the field, especially among them,, Rebounding and communication, the role is very critical.I was on the field. He talked and communicated in the back, which made me feel very secure.As for his performance, Jeremy Lin smiled and hoped that the shooting could be better.He also believes that the victory in the first game has built confidence in his subsequent games.It is worth mentioning that a heart-warming scene appeared after the game.Although he failed to send the three-pointer money, Jeremy Lin took off his shoes and gave them to a little fan on the spot.After that, he walked back to the dressing room barefoot.

Ronaldo’s sexual assault case is still approved


Ronaldo’s sexual assault case is still approved
“Der Spiegel” recently exposed the sealing agreement signed with Ronaldo after the Ronaldo sexual assault case. Ronaldo signed the agreement.But many people still insist that Ronaldo’s signing of the agreement does not mean that he sexually assaulted Mayorga.Why do these people insist on supporting Ronaldo in the face of the evidence?Portuguese sociologist and female sexual abuse researcher Isabel Ventura called her view.  Because no one wants this to be true, Ronaldo is a beloved idol, and his career is admirable.No one wants this to happen in Isabel’s novels, because Ronaldo’s image is nearly perfect, he has money, some people love him, some people want him to stay away from the image of a rapist.  How do people excuse Ronaldo?They chose to speak for him in terms of financial ability and sexual attractiveness.Some people think that Ronaldo has a strong economic strength, he does not need to rape with violence, because he can buy it with money.Isabel continued this article, and some people think that Cristiano Ronaldo is handsome and attractive, which makes it attractive to women.  Isabel also pointed out that some people even put the blame on the victim Mayorga: when a woman makes a charge, the public often has a different voice.Some people think that the woman is regretful, and some people think that the woman is already malicious.Ronaldo is a widely-loved public figure, and people quickly found an excuse for him. For example, he just made a mistake, for example, he has apologized.  When sexually assaulted by Ronaldo, Mayorga repeatedly said NO, why would someone excuse Ronaldo’s move?Isabel thinks her opinion: in many cases, women say that they will not be interpreted as yes.Therefore, Ronaldo can argue that the other party did not reject himself in an absolutely clear way, and many courts will accept this statement.The most important thing is how the victim expresses himself.Only cases of sexual assault by robes attacked by violence will be defined as rape.  Isabel used the analogy of quitting smokers being plugged: if the other party refuses the cigarette you handed over, we will force him to accept it, because we know he actually wants to smoke, is this not illegal?In the eyes of many people, this is the same thing.But in fact, even if I particularly want to smoke, but if other people force me to smoke, his approach is illegal.Extended reading: Ronaldo’s 2009 rape case was exposed again. Ronaldo’s lawyer has issued a statement to fight back against Ronaldo’s rape case. The heroine tilted and weighed and decided to re-investigate Ronaldo’s alleged rape case in the civil court.

2016 Snooker British Championships Today’s latest game live video Murphy vs Brecher_1


2016 Snooker British Championships Today’s latest game live video Murphy vs Brecher
On December 2nd, the 2016 Snooker British Championships top 8 all produced, 75 three Jie O’Sullivan, Higgins and Williams, after the 2002 British Championships, once again reached the British Championships after 14 yearsThe top 8.For the Chinese team that performed strongly in the opening stage of the British Championships, only Fu Jiajun scored in the quarterfinals. The 80s players are the world’s first Selby and the magician Murphy. The 90s teenager BrecherIt also overlaps a place in the top 8.  The total prize money of the 2016 Snooker Championship is £850,000, and the championship prize is £170,000.Murphy (data map) 2016 Snooker British Championship quarter-finals, Murphy vs Brecher game time is about 21:00 Beijing time antique on December 2nd.Game live video address: click to watch